“Strategy requires thought. Tactics require observation.” – Max Euwe

Marketing is no longer the dark art it was. Digital capabilities make everything measurable, from how many people opened your newsletter, to what articles they read. From how many people saw your Facebook post, to how many liked and shared it. With SEM (Search Engine Marketing) putting money behind a Google ad or a social post that is doing well suddenly gets you in front a bigger and brand new audience. Greywoods is a growth specialist. But a follower is not a customer and a like is not a sale. We focus on the bottom line and to giving your campaigns the very best chance of success, whether that be strong, qualified leads or more sales via your online store. Our decisions are data-led and we fail fast. We pivot and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, maximising the opportunity from every dollar spent. We measure everything and link it all back to your goals. Always.