For Start-Ups

For Start-ups

Greywoods’ founder, Blair Smith, conceived, launched, operated and sold a tech start-up in Australia, called GoFetch. It was a bit like Uber for Things: a peer-to-peer delivery app allowing you to get anything fetched and delivered by anyone, using their own transport. He understands the hustle and managed to raise several rounds of VC and Angel funding before successfully exiting in 2019.

In short, Greywoods has been where you are now and we understand the impossible stressors on a start-up founder. We also understand the power of good story-telling, messaging, branding and marketing. It honestly is the one lever we’d recommend you use to cut through to potential investors and potential customers.

Start-Ups and New Businesses
Greywoods Consulting is a specialist in brand and marketing strategy for new businesses or even ideas that don’t have a brand name or have not yet launched.
Neglected by larger agencies, the Greywoods Team focuses on working with Start-Ups and has a price point to suit every one of you. Whether you’re at Seed stage or Series A or B funding, we can review your entire business model, your positioning, your ideal client and develop all of your marketing assets affordably and quickly.

Retainer Model. The FTE without the PAYG
Need assistance with launching and maintaining your marketing program but not ready to hire?
Greywoods can assist in managing your marketing requirements as part of your business’s extended family. We offer good-value retainers – starting from a fixed- price contract for 3 months. This gives you time to test the market or to grow to a stage where you feel ready to hire full-time staff.

Mentoring & Coaching
And once launched, Greywoods offers one-on-one business coaching, helping Founders with their financial acumen and interpreting Balance Sheets and Cashflow Statements, and getting their strategy into action. We are affordable, personal and very accountable. A genuine partner to start-up founders and entrepreneurs. 

Greywoods: From Go to WOW! 

Our tagline says it all. We help you launch right.