Special offer

Start-up Survival Kit

Greywoods loves the start-up space and is a member of Start-Up Network, regularly attending events and advising founders on how to scale quickly.
Our director, Blair Smith, has been where you are and conceived, launched and operated a tech start-up called GoFetch. It was a bit like Uber for Things.: a peer-to-peer delivery app allowing you to get anything fetched and delivered by anyone, using their own transport.
We also successfully raised several rounds of VC and Angel funding before selling the app in 2019.
Neglected by larger agencies and advisors, Greywoods is a Start-Up specialist and has a price to suit every single person having a crack! Whether you’re at pre-seed stage or Series A or B funding, we can review your entire Business Bodel, your Positioning, your Ideal Client and develop all of your Marketing Assets and digital platforms affordably and quickly.

Special Offer
We have developed a Special Offer for Start-Up Founders:
$395 for a 90-Minute Deep Dive into your Business Model
From this session, we produce a document containing our recommendations and a Business Roadmap for the next 3 – 6 months of your journey. It will outline order in which you sequence your own work as CEO / Founder, ensuring you do the right things in the right order. We give you clarity and ensure your start-up scales, whilst you focus on networking, capital raising and BDM.