What exactly is a Business Consultant?

What exactly is a Business Consultant?

  • A consultant or advisor or coach, works with owners or directors of businesses as a fresh pair of eyes. We dive very deeply into your finances and business model to understand how it functions and where to find efficiencies. Generally, we can see red flags from your Balance Sheet and P&L and any gaps in your current processes, teams, and product set that might need attention or repair.
  • Ultimately, we support business owners with techniques and methodologies that put your attention on the right things in the right order. At Greywoods we do this in the context of growth, and our goal is for our work to cost you nothing in real terms – as the growth coming out of our advice and improvements very quickly covers the outlay.

How quickly will it add value to my business?

  • Greywoods is a growth consultancy so your success is ours. We understand that small business owners are often personally funding things like external advisors so we are very quick to ensure even a modicum of growth to cover the cost of engaging us. But most customers also have the business acumen to know that good consultants are not a cost item on a ledger, but a value generator.

Is it a nice to have or a must have?

  • A consultant is a must-have. If you’re a small business or start up or even an established business wanting to change direction, introduce new products, go after a new segment – get a consultant in. A good consultant will have techniques to really crystalise the approach and make it very tangible and actionable. And really, the costs of hiring a consultant will be offset very quickly by the gains they contribute to the bottom line. 

What sort of packages do you offer?

  • We offer fortnight consulting sessions in person or online. We also offer group classes for businesses at the same stage or facing similar issues.
  • Our pricing varies based on your budget. We can generally find a pricing model that works for you.
  • We are also a full service creative agency, so build affordable websites, create engaging social media posts and reels, and manage your customer communications via eNewsletters etc. So anything design related, can plug directly into the strategies that come out of the consulting sessions

What if I only need help for a limited time?

  • That’s fine too. We work on projects in addition to the steady state. If you just want to validate your thinking or get us to run our eye across a launch plan, we are happy to assist with that too. 

What else does Greywoods do?

  • We are a full service digital brand and marketing agency
  • We help refine your Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition and your brand essence via an initial workshop, then take the outcomes from that session to inform your brand identity, and key messages – like why someone should choose your business over another. 
  • We can then set you up with a great website or perform an SEO audit of your current one. Or add new elements to existing websites like a subscriber portal, eCommerce functionality, chat bots etc. 
  • Ongoing, we can then run campaigns that might include social media posts, reels and stories, Google ads, social ads for Linked In and Facebook. Or electronic customer newsletters. All of this can be structured in a very affordable way, so you can have the FTE without the PAYG. You can lean on Greywoods to see what value you’re getting and how the marketing is performing before making a hiring decision for a more permanent internal resource.